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A Lil Bout Me (Lala Bay-B) =]

2008-09-21 20:21:46 by LalaBay-B

Well, Thee Name Isz Lala, Im 17 Yearsz 0ld, I Am Currently Stayin In Chicago,.
Im A Really Creative Person, I Do Artwork, But Most Importantly I Love Making Music!, Especially For Games, It's Nice Hearing Your Song Featured On An Online Game For The World To Hear Yeh Kno??.
Wellp!, If Yhu Want To Kno More About Me Feel Free To Message Me At Anytime Eh?.
Thx Hunz!,.


A Lil Bout Me (Lala Bay-B) =]


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2008-09-21 20:39:03

Fun music, I'll be keepin my eye out for new submissions :)


2008-09-23 13:22:00

Giving us the middle finger 8(

How rude.

And Immune, lol


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